Our customers are our priority and we listened to their feedback to create the GR Supra GT4 EVO; It has evolved according to their needs. The GR Supra GT4 EVO is created to satisfy all our customers, from driving enthusiasts to demanding professionals.


Some knowledge can only be learned the hard way, via the heat of on-track competition, so TOYOTA GAZOO Racing fed insights from our customers directly into development of the GR Supra GT4 EVO.

That’s the TOYOTA GAZOO Racing commitment to continuous improvement and making ever-better motorsports-bred cars for our customers.

This unique first-hand feedback helped set specific targets and, as a result, the GR Supra GT4 EVO is easier to drive for ambitious amateurs whilst also providing the precise performance demanded by professional racers. A perfect compromise.


It may have over 50 class wins to its name already, but the push for performance never stops and development focused on three areas: brakes, handling and engine.

Thanks to an improved brake system, adapted ABS settings, the latest KW damper technology and updated anti-roll bar specification, the GR Supra GT4 EVO delivers improved handling and higher cornering speeds.

Drivers will be able to push for the perfect lap via increased power and an optimised torque curve of the 3.0-litre, six-cylinder, turbocharged engine, which benefits from an optimised cooling system.


Displacement: 2,998 cm3
Type: In-line six-cylinder, single twin-scroll turbocharger
Transmission: Modified ZF automatic transmission with paddle shift
Weight: 1,360 kg*
Length: 4,460 mm
Width: 1,855 mm

* Dependent on Balance of Performance