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The ChillOut Hose is an insulated liquid-transfer tube encased in an ultra-durable, tear-resistant fabric shield.

Includes 6 to 10 feet of hose that connects your Cooling Garment to the driver cooling unit with ¼ inch fittings for a consistent flow cycle.

If the hose is too long for your set-up, cut the hose to the desired length. Extra supply of matching shrink wrap included for a flawless, durable, clean look.


Choose from 6 ft OR 10 ft Length - Includes additional heat shrink tubing for custom sizing while maintaining a finished look.
Can be connected to other hoses to extend length including additional Y connector.
Double insulation. One layer to protect the hoses and insulation, the other to keep your coolant cool and efficient.



ft OR 10 ft Insulated Y Coolant Hose Male Connectors x 4
Female Dual-Prong Connector x 1 Additional heat shrink wrap
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